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"Empowering Businesses Through Innovative Software Solutions"

We are dedicated to providing cutting-edge software solutions that empower businesses to thrive, streamline operations, and achieve their full potential.​

We Integrate With
Your Workplace!

Benefits of implementing smart workplace solutions:

  • Enhanced Productivity: Automation and streamlined processes lead to increased productivity.

  • Optimized Work Environment: Smart offices improve space utilization and layout.

  • Sustainability: Energy-efficient technologies contribute to environmental well-being.

  • Effective Time Management: Digital tools help employees manage tasks efficiently.

  • Improved Communication and Retention: Connected teams foster engagement and reduce turnover.

Room & Desk  Booking System

  • Intuitive mobile & web-based booking system for meeting rooms, hot desks, equipment, focus booths, phone pods, catering, lockers and parking spaces.

  • Calendar integrated with Microsoft 365/Outlook.

  • Single or multi-tenants locations.

  • Room & desk displays.

API Integrations with Smart IoT sensors

  • API Integrations with Smart IoT sensor systems, such as Smart temperature & lighting,

  • Room/desk occupancy,

  • Indoor air quality (IAQ),

  • Smart access control,

  • Smart lockers, etc.

  • Integrated sensors & ESG dashboard.

Attendance System

  • Streamline employee time-tracking, record work hours, breaks, clock-out using smartcards, QR code or biometric readers.

  • manage all types of leave requests, approvals, leave balances, and holiday schedules, etc.

  • Central database with analytic reports.

Customer Services

  • Consultancy service

  • System integrations

  • UI/UX production

  • Workflow customisation

  • Project implementation

  • Training and support

  • Maintenance service

Visitor Management System

  • Easy-to-use web-based visitor management system.

  • Visitor invitation, walk-in or pre-registration, with various approval procedures.

  • Recurring, multiple-days visiting with restricted range of date, time, zone.

  • Name badge, QR code check-in/out, self-service kiosk, Today's Meeting Directory.

Digital Signage System

  • Floor map for rooms and desks.

  • Today's meeting directory.

  • ESG Dashboard.

  • Promotional contents.

  • Support multiple signage displays at various locations, with central management.

Queue System

  • Suitable for banks and service centres.

  • Multiple branches.

  • Multiple service types.

  • Multiple service counters with wireless touch screen tablet.

  • Multiple ticket kiosks.

  • Queue status display with PA broadcast.

  • Central database with analytic reports.

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